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E-commerce integration nightmares, solved.

Meet FlowLink; the most versatile E-commerce integration platform around. Starting at just $100/month for unlimited integrations, you can now connect ANY store to ANY tool!

Thought you couldn't connect your store to QuickBooks Online/Desktop, NetSuite, Salesforce, or any other back office tool? Do you have a back office tool that you rely on heavily but that doesn't talk to your store? A legacy system you'd like to integrate?Now you can do it all!

In addition to enabling a wide variety of integrations, FlowLink allows information sharing across all platforms, with no more repetitive data entry.

With FlowLink's hybrid business model you can have the best of both worlds: 

  • Out-of-the-box Power. A versatile, fully supported integration platform with a user interface designed specifically for business professionals
  • Infinite Customization. An experienced team of e-commerce veterans ready to customize any existing FlowLink integrations to bend to your will, or spin up entirely new integrations in record time (and for WAY less $ than building a custom integration)

The future of E-commerce integration is here!

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Meet FlowLink!

 Press Releases

  • Bronto,  one of the world's largest and most popular email service providers, is now partnering with FlowLink to enable seamless connectivity between BigCommerce and Bronto.

    If you own a BigCommerce store and want to connect to Bronto, you qualify for a limited time offer of free on-boarding and a 60 day free subscription to FlowLink!

    In addition to enabling seamless connectivity to Bronto, with this free on boarding/60 day trial offer, BigCommerce store owners also have access to FlowLink's ever expanding web of integrations to almost any back office eCommerce tool that you can imagine, all for one low monthly rate, and free for the first 60 days!

    If you think this sounds too good to be true, come by Booth 267 and we will show you how to revolutionize your back office for fractions of pennies on the dollar. Call us at (412) 407-2722 or contact us online now to arrange an in-person meeting with FlowLink's senior architect, who will be in attendance at IRCE.

  • Do you sometimes feel like you need a doctorate in NetSuite to get the most out of this powerful yet highly complex back-office tool? Well, the leading cloud business suite just got a whole lot easier to integrate.

    Enter FlowLink, a user-friendly integration platform that simultaneously connects any store to ANY tool, even Oracle’s mammoth Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. You have one dashboard to control all of your integrations, turn them on and off, and modify them at the click of a button.

    FlowLink, in addition to being a versatile/easy-to-use back office integration tool right out of the box, has the added benefit of having been conceptualized and is fully supported by NuRelm, an 18-year-old custom web application development firm based entirely in Pittsburgh, PA.

    Unlike most SAAS products, with a seasoned web services firm supporting FlowLink, you don’t have to work within the confines of “out of the box” functionality. The same team that developed FlowLink can make it bend to your will. Show us your integration wish list and we’ll make it happen. No more waiting for the next release if you need that custom functionality now to make your business hum.

    Do you need to pull together complex workflows between NetSuite and tools such as 3rd party logistics providers, online stores, notification systems, where information has to flow in many directions at different times? We have integrated some of the trickiest NetSuite production workflows imaginable, and FlowLink was borne of that experience.

    One FlowLink user,  a well-known fashion retailer, tracks inventory in NetSuite using a product’s SKU. They wanted a way to update the inventory counts in Shopify using the SKUs from NetSuite, but Shopify tracks inventory differently.  We customized FlowLink and made a flow that pulls all of those Shopify products and stores them, so the integration can look up by SKU from that data store and make updates to Shopify.

    Are you a NetSuite client or integrator? If you have questions concerning NetSuite integration/customization, please leave a comment and tell us about a problem you are trying to solve. The original team that conceptualized, developed, and still supports FlowLink is standing by to respond to all comments.

    Read more about FlowLink at FlowLink.io, or call us at (877) 268-7356, ext.202 if you have a NetSuite integration issue that you would like to discuss.

    Also, come to Booth #267 and meet FlowLink's senior architect, who will be in attendance at IRCE. In fact, if you'd like to schedule a meeting in advance, you can simply fill out our online contact form and we will set up a time to talk at the conference.

  • Do you own a Shopify store and use or plan to begin using QuickBooks Online (or Desktop)?

    As your eCommerce business grows, are you assessing new ways to automate your back office? Maybe you thought that your online store couldn’t be integrated with your offline accounting system (QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise) because well, it’s offline. OR, maybe you've already switched over to QuickBooks Online (even better, because with QuickBooks Online we can get you up and running in a matter of days!).

    How much time (and margin of error) would it save if your orders could automatically flow from your online store to QuickBooks? What if those updates could then seamlessly flow back to your store?

    FlowLink, NuRelm‘s versatile Ecommerce back-office integration platform, has both QuickBooks Online and Desktop integrations! FlowLink's QuickBooks Desktop integration uses the the QuickBooks Web Connector.  The Web Connector provides an API that enables up-to-the-minute communication with Intuit’s offline accounting software.

    With the new FlowLink/QuickBooks integrations you can:

    • Seamlessly pull sales orders to QuickBooks when a customer places an order.
    • Automate the generation of invoices and payments in QuickBooks.
    • Send Customer and product information to QuickBooks.
    • Send and receive inventory data between QuickBooks and other online applications.

    The problem with most software products, whether or not they are Web-based, is that the client is rarely afforded the opportunity to customize the product to fit his or her specific needs.

    Since FlowLink was developed and is wholly owned by NuRelm, a 20-year-old custom Web application development firm, we are in the unique position of offering a product that can be used right out of the box with no technical knowledge…with a twist. If you have a specific task that you would like to automate, we are happy to customize FlowLink’s integrations to suit your specific needs.

    Do you have a specialized use case that you would like to discuss? For instance, would you like for your online store to be able to work with your QuickBooks application to calculate Cost of Goods Sold? Would you like your order numbers to show up in a specific way when transferred between applications?

    We are here to solve your eCommerce headaches and to brainstorm on unique ways to utilize our fancy new integration!

    Come visit us at Booth 267 for a demo, or, if you would like to schedule an in-person meeting with FlowLink's senior architect, who will be attending IRCE,  just call us at (412) 407-2722, or fill out our contact form, so that you can set up a time for a one-on one in-person meeting to discuss your specific back office eCommerce integration needs


  • FlowLink
    FlowLink is the revolutionary back office eCommerce platform that will connect any store to ANY tool....

  • Check out FlowLink's growing list of integrations!

    Don't see what you need there? Come to Booth 267 and see what we're up to. With the FlowLink technology and our staff's expertise, we can spin up a new integration, highly customized to your specs, in a very short time period.

  • FlowLink - IRCE 2018 Brochure
    Every online store needs to talk to other systems: accounting, shipping, marketing, and CRM, but plugins rarely allow you the freedom needed to deal with real workflows. What if you could setup sophisticated connections between these things?...

  • Why FlowLink?

    FlowLink lets your clients easily set up sophisticated connections between your store or service and the other accounting, shipping, marketing, and CRM tools they use most. No plugins or hard work required. FlowLink lets your product instantly talk to the systems your clients already use, making it a no-brainer to add YOU to their workflow.

    Point, click, integrate. Let clients connect your service with the tools they already use to easily assemble workflows and automate their business. Are your clients asking you to fit your service into a tight workflow? Maybe they want to grab orders from their store, send them to a logistics provider and ERP, also send a text message for recent shipments, then update order status in the store. Automatically. Now FlowLink lets you say YES to clients with complex workflows, letting them easily integrate your service into a long list of existing integrations, including NetSuite, QuickBooks (online and desktop), Magento, Shopify, MailChimp, Salesforce.com, and many more. Let’s add you to the list of tools that will work in harmony with your clients.

  • FlowLink
    FlowLink is the revolutionary back office eCommerce integration platform that integrates any store with ANY tool.<br /><br />With FlowLink you have the ability to set up highly customized store integrations for almost any back office eCommerce software that you use. <br />...

  • Let your back office software tools talk amongst themselves, share information, and solve problems on their own, while you spend more time doing what you love.

    Check out our growing list of FlowLink integrations!

    Check out our blog to see examples of many ways to use Flow Link!

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