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Sales Analysis, Forecasting & Inventory Management

[basic-code]™ is a Shopify solutions provider focused on forecasting and demand planning to improve the accuracy of forecasts, align inventory with demand and enhance profitability. 

  • Acquire Vision for Evaluating Your Business
  • Gain Insight From Robust Analysis
  • Focus Efficiently on Priorities 
  • Plan Strategic Purchases 
  • Analyze Multi-Channel Distribution
  • Achieve Improved KPI's
  • Connect with our Shopify API

The [basic-code]™app gathers all your vital data into 1 convenient user interface to provide efficiency and vision to improve your company performance!


Shopify - What is Forecasting
Shopify-Success Beyond Customer Acquisition & Conversion
One Comprehensive eCommerce APP

 Show Specials

  • (May 03, 2019)

    Connect or contact us before or during the show to be selected for a FREE year subscription for the Shopify integration.

    To qualify for selection:

    • must be a Shopify Merchant
    • operate with 2000 skus or less
    • utilize a maximum of 5 users or less
    • U.S. based accounts only
    • schedule an appointment through the IRCE calendar or contact us on our website.

    Selected Shopify merchant pays initial installation fee, receives first year of monthly subscription fees FREE.

    Notification will be sent out on Friday June 28th.

    Fill out the "contact us" form at https://basic-code.com/shopify-services/  or schedule an appointment through our profile on the IRCE site.


  • Sales Analysis & Forecasting Tool User Interface
    The [basic-code] ™ Sales Analysis & Forecasting App gathers your information into 1 convenient user interface, to provide you with a clear picture of your business....

  • The [basic-code] ™ Sales Analysis and Forecasting App has all the information needed to make great purchasing decisions available at your fingertips. 

    *  Your sales and inventory history are displayed by month on the User Interface. 

    *  The App forecasts your sales using sales curves custom to your business while taking inventory and vendor lead times into consideration. 

    *  It quickly alerts you to the priorities, both winners and losers, so you can take action and see results. 

    *  Margin and Account information are easily accessed at the click of a button, enabling you to make decisions that are the most profitable. 

    *  Each product/item can be assigned 12 variants that are custom to your business, allowing you to get a clear picture of what is driving your sales. 

    *  Additional custom reports are available so you can get the information you need quickly. 

    This efficient and easy-to-use App was developed by industry experts with decades of retail and wholesale experience, so the process is already built into the system.

    Let [basic-code] ™  help you take your business to the next level!  Contact us today for an evaluation.  https://basic-code.com/

  • Dashboard of APPs
    One comprehensive tool....

  • Our comprehensive App performs the functions of multiple other apps, gathering your data into one location.  Gone are the frustrations of patchworking all these apps together.  Now you will gain a clear picture of your business by viewing all your vital data in 1 efficient place.

    The [basic-code] ™ App gives you the ability to:

    • Forecast demand so you have the right products at the right time
    • Create and receive purchase orders
    • Track and record sales and inventory
    • Analyze your vendors and customers
    • Gain valuable insights into your business using your data
    • Create a financial roadmap for your business

    But here’s the best part: the [basic-code] ™ App was developed by retail industry experts who know what information is needed to make the best purchasing and inventory decisions. The process is built into the [basic-code]™ Sales Analysis and Forecasting App, making it a system that is user-friendly and efficient. 

    Purchasing decisions can be made easily.  Suggested order quantities are calculated based on sales history, current trends, current inventory levels and vendor lead times.  Alerts help you focus on the priorities – both winners and losers, so you can quickly take action and realize results… like increased profitability and improved cash flow.

    The [basic-code] ™ App does all this at one value price, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars spent each month on multiple apps.

    Let the industry experts at [basic-code] ™ help you make more money and save more money!  Contact us today for an evaluation.  https://basic-code.com/shopify-services/

  • Data Analytics & Visualization
    We feature custom data analytic reports!...

  • The [basic-code] ™ Shopify APP  features custom data analytics and visualization so you can get the reports that are specific to your business, with the information you want to see to evaluate your positions and take action!  Contact us today for an evaluation and pricing!  https://basic-code.com/shopify-services/
  • Planning Services
    Leverage our extensive forecasting expertise to help your company achieve it's goals!...

  • For some people, Forecasting & Planning just isn't their thing.  If that sounds like you, [basic-code] ™ is here to help!

    Our Professional Planning Services include:

    • Data Cleansing - [basic-code]™ can help you cleanse your data to prepare for meaningful analysis.
    • Hierarchy Organization - Our experienced team will work with you to determine the best way to organize your product data, enabling you to gain valuable insights.
    • SKU Rationalization - [basic-code]™ will work with your team to determine your optimal product assortment.
    • Inventory Evaluation - Using our expertise, we will work with you to develop strategies to optimize your inventory.
    • Planning Process Training - Using our multi-industry planning experience we can train your team to create a sound planning process.
    • Professional Planning Services - Experienced planners on our team know what information is needed to make the best purchasing and inventory decisions and are prepared to supplement your staff.

    Let the industry experts at [basic-code] ™ help you take your business to the next level.  Contact us today  https://basic-code.com/kpis-key-performance-indicators/

  • Product Master
    Determine your Optimal Product Assortment...

  • The Product Master is a component of the [basic-code] ™  Sales Analysis and Forecasting System.  It enables e-commerce businesses to organize and classify their data easily and efficiently, allowing them to gain powerful insight into their businesses through sales analysis and forecasting.

    The #1 requirement for good forecasting and sales analysis is good data.  At [basic-code] ™, the first thing we do for our clients is help them clean and organize their data.  Quality forecasting and analysis can only be achieved if a business’ data is clean and organized.  Otherwise, it’s “garbage in, garbage out”.  By cleaning the data, we ensure the data is accurate, complete, and not duplicated.  We provide our clients with a template to ensure that all vital information is provided and is clean.  This information is then entered in to the [basic-code] ™ Product Master.

    The [basic-code] ™ Product Master allows merchants to assign a hierarchy and attributes to each product.  A hierarchy is the organization of products, similar to a family tree, where there is a “Parent” with one or more “children” underneath.  For example, an e-commerce store may have an Apparel division, with a Women’s Department and a Men’s Department underneath Apparel.  There may be Classifications of Outerwear, Tops and Bottoms underneath Women’s.  The Hierarchy is unique to each individual business.  Attributes are the selling features that are important to the business.  For example, attributes could be seasonality, size, color, and style.  By assigning attributes, store owners can slice and dice their data to get great analysis into what is and what isn’t working and gain valuable insights into how to maximize their business.

    After the initial upload of the Product Master is complete, [basic-code] ™ clients are able to add new items to the assortment.  Our easy-to-use Product Master ensures that all Hierarchy and Attribute information is complete and accurate.  The ability to copy hierarchy and attribute information across items in the same Product family creates efficiency for the users.  By keeping the Product Master up-to-date with all the items in the Product Assortment, our clients can achieve insightful analysis by using their data.

    Contact us today for an evaluation and pricing!  https://basic-code.com/shopify-services/

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