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The “AI-first” optimization and intelligence Amazon platform

Feedvisor is the “AI-first” optimization and intelligence platform for large sellers and brands on Amazon. Feedvisor’s platform offers best-in-class algorithmic repricing, strategic advertising campaign optimization, and brand and content management. Together, these features drive demand, profit, and revenue growth on the Amazon marketplace. Our predictive business intelligence offers customized features to adapt to your business goals and our team of Amazon experts provides strategic insights and hands-on support and are fully committed to your success. For more information, get in touch with us at feedvisor.com/connect or visit us at booth #726.


Feedvisor: The “AI-First” Optimization and Intelligence Platform for Large Sellers and Brands on Amazon

 Show Specials

  • Stop by booth #726 to check out Feedvisor’s expansive, AI-powered advertising platform for Vendor and Seller Central! Leveraging best-in-class machine-learning technology, our newly optimized 1P advertising solution runs your campaigns and promotions and drives ROI according to your specific business goals and Amazon best practices. Our managed services team of experts provides detailed insights and recommendations at each stage of the campaign, from pre-launch campaign strategy and execution to in-depth performance results analysis, allowing you to easily track your advertising KPIs based on performance, keyword efficiency, and ad spend.
  • We can not wait to meet you at IRCE! Be sure to stop by booth #726 to meet with our team and learn about our patented, AI-powered repricing technology for brands, private labels, and competitive sellers. Most notably, we are excited to share that Feedvisor’s ProductSphereTM repricer, the first AI-based dynamic repricer for brands and private labels on Amazon, is here.

    How does it work? The ProductSphereTM repricer identifies your indirect competition, understands the impacts of price changes on demand, and reprices in real-time for velocity or profit. From there, the technology monitors and optimizes pricing on an ongoing basis through a continuous machine-learning loop. Come by and say hi to our team of Amazon experts to learn more!
  • Are you as excited for IRCE as we are? Our team of Amazon experts has been planning extensively to ensure a successful show and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store. For starters, be sure to stop by the Feedvisor booth (#726) on Wednesday the 26th at 2 p.m. for a happy hour.


    We will have giant Jenga so you can battle against other brands and retailers — or a member of the Feedvisor team — while enjoying complimentary margaritas and beers. It’s a great opportunity to take a break between your morning and afternoon sessions, network with industry experts and thought leaders, and re-energize for the remainder of the show.


    If you can’t make it to the happy hour that day, be sure to stop by booth #726 another time to say hi to our team of Amazon experts and discover how we can help accelerate your sales and profits on Amazon.

 Press Releases

  • NEW YORK, March 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Feedvisor, the “AI-first” optimization and intelligence platform for large sellers and brands on Amazon, today released an in-depth analysis on consumer habits and sentiments in a retail ecosystem dominated by Amazon. The 2019 Amazon Consumer Behavior Report explores the behaviors, motivations, and needs of more than 2,000 U.S. consumers across themes like product search and purchasing, advertising, brand names, and Amazon Prime, as well as more recent trends like private label products, voice ordering, and grocery.

    One of the report’s most compelling findings is that shopper loyalty to Amazon is at an all-time high — a large majority of consumers (89 percent) and nearly all current Prime members (96 percent) are more likely to buy products from Amazon than other e-commerce sites. Additional findings include:

    • Amazon is the go-to destination for search and purchase: Two-thirds of consumers (66 percent) typically start their search for new products on Amazon, and nearly all (95 percent) are satisfied with Amazon search results. When consumers are ready to buy a specific product, nearly three-fourths (74 percent) go to Amazon to do so. 
    • Prime reigns supreme on Amazon: Of the consumers who make a purchase on Amazon daily or almost every day, a large majority (89 percent) are Prime members. Also, Prime eligibility is a significant factor for most consumers (67 percent) when choosing to purchase a product on Amazon, and three-fourths (75 percent) of Prime members search specifically for Prime-eligible items on Amazon.
    • Frequent online shoppers find Amazon ads helpful: Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of daily or almost daily online shoppers have clicked on an Amazon product ad while browsing the web, and 83 percent ultimately purchased the product. Three-fifths (60 percent) of daily shoppers found those ads to be helpful. Moreover, when browsing on Amazon specifically, more than three-fourths (76 percent) of daily Amazon shoppers have clicked on a product ad.

    “Our study confirms that Amazon is at the center of the customer’s purchasing journey, so it should be at the center of every seller and brand’s e-commerce strategy,” said Dani Nadel, President and COO, Feedvisor. "Today’s consumers actively seek brands they know, are heavily influenced by price, rarely search past the first two pages of search results, and frequently buy the first product listed. With these evolving behaviors and expectations, brands and retailers need to optimize their content, strategically advertise, and price competitively. With a holistic Amazon strategy, they can connect and engage with high-value prospects and loyal consumers."

    Although consumers are drawn to the convenience of Amazon and the breadth of its inventory, the research reveals that access to brand names is critically important —  and there is room for improvement.

    • Consumers are eager for more brands to have a presence on Amazon: Of the consumers who shop on Amazon daily, all of them (100 percent) at least occasionally go to Amazon in search of products from specific brands. However, less than half of consumers (41 percent) strongly agree that they are satisfied with the number of brands they know on Amazon. 
    • Majority of consumers have tried products from an Amazon-owned brand: More than three-fifths of consumers (61 percent) are aware that Amazon has its own brands, and 60 percent of consumers have purchased a product from one of those brands before. Of those who are unaware or unsure of Amazon’s private label brands, 62 percent said that they would be interested in trying one of these products in the future.

    Looking ahead, consumers are also open to trying many of Amazon’s newer technologies and experiences. As Amazon leverages tactics like free shipping during its annual sales events, many consumers are already planning to make a purchase during the 2019 promotions:

    • Many consumers plan to shop during Amazon’s 2019 sale events: This year, two-fifths of consumers (41 percent) are planning to make a purchase during Black Friday, followed by Cyber Monday (40 percent), and Prime Day (31 percent). Also, nearly half (48 percent) of current Prime members plan to make a purchase during this year’s Prime Day event.  
    • Majority of frequent shoppers will try voice and other Amazon experiences: Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of shoppers who purchase on Amazon daily are likely to get a voice-assistant device (VAD) in the future. Similarly, 70 percent of those who make a purchase on Amazon daily or almost daily are very likely to visit an Amazon Go store in the future.

    To download the full 2019 Amazon Consumer Behavior Report, please visit https://fdvsr.com/amazonconsumerreport.

  • NEW YORK, Jan. 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Feedvisor, the AI-driven, machine-learning and big data company that helps brands and retailers optimize their e-commerce businesses with Amazon at the core, today unveiled the findings of a first-of-its-kind analysis on the evolving relationships between brands and Amazon. The report, Brands & Amazon: Insights, Opportunities, and Concerns in the Age of E-Commerce, surveyed business leaders from major U.S. brands on how they are finding success, overcoming challenges, and preparing for the future in an Amazon-centered retail landscape.

    The analysis found that over half of brands (54 percent) are already selling on Amazon today, and nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of brands will be selling on the platform within the next five years. Other key findings include:

    • Amazon dominates brand e-commerce strategies: For 44 percent of brands selling on Amazon, more than half of their total e-commerce sales come from the platform. One-third of the brands (32 percent) selling on Amazon said it accounts for up to three-quarters of their overall e-commerce sales. It is evident that for the remaining brands, a significant opportunity exists to increase their share and capitalize on the platform’s profit potential.
    • New customer acquisition is Amazon’s strongest selling point. A significant majority of brands both selling on Amazon (97 percent) and not currently selling on Amazon (84 percent) agree the most compelling benefit to selling on the platform is acquiring new customers.
    • Brands are eager to expand their Amazon presence: Of the first-party brands surveyed, more than four in five (81 percent) want to expand to Amazon’s third-party channel. The majority of brands (61 percent) interested in evolving their relationships with Amazon said their primary reason is to get in front of a larger audience.
    • Brands are mindful of Amazon’s private label push: Amazon is making aggressive moves into private labels and it is paying off — recent estimates predict $25 billion in sales by 2022. Of the brands selling on the platform, two-thirds (66 percent) concede that competing with Amazon’s private label products is a pain point.

    “Over the last two decades, Amazon has disrupted e-commerce in ways we never thought possible. It has rapidly become the go-to shopping destination for consumers, and it shows no signs of slowing down,” said Victor Rosenman, CEO, Feedvisor. “Amazon’s momentum created a wave of new challenges, but our analysis shows that brands see the significant value of the platform’s audience and influence.”

    Amazon’s investment in advertising is an area of fresh opportunity for brands — the company has skyrocketed to become the No. 3 digital advertising player, with advertising revenue expected to reach $38 billion by 2023. As Amazon creates tools to help sellers grow their audiences and increase their presence on the platform, brands are taking notice — more than four in five brands (82 percent) agree that advertising and branding options are one of the best parts about selling on Amazon. Other key findings include:

    • Most brands are already embracing Amazon’s advertising and seeing results: A majority of brands selling on Amazon (57 percent) said they already pay for Amazon Advertising. Of those, a staggering 97 percent see value in those advertising efforts.
    • Advertising draws in new customers: Beyond maintaining better control of their identities, brands see advertising as a way to connect with new customers. Of the brands selling on Amazon, nearly one-third (30 percent) said advertising was the most effective technique for acquiring new customers on the platform, just after competitive pricing (51 percent).

    “With its vast audience, commitment to customer experience, and increased focus on advertising solutions, brands are restructuring their e-commerce strategies to put Amazon at the center. Our findings show that brands are already making investments to bolster their presence on Amazon through strategic advertising optimization,” said Dani Nadel, President and COO, Feedvisor. “But advertising is just one piece of the Amazon puzzle. To effectively navigate the complexities, brands need a holistic strategy and real-time, decision-making technology that considers the many factors influencing success.”

    This report comes in the wake of the launch of Feedvisor’s expanded, end-to-end, “AI-first” platform, which provides data-driven, actionable insights and optimizations across pricing, advertising and branding. Feedvisor’s platform and team of Amazon experts enable any brand, retailer, or seller to successfully navigate the complexities of selling on the platform.

    To download the full Brands & Amazon: Insights, Opportunities, and Concerns in the Age of E-Commerce report, please visit https://fdvsr.com/amazonbrandsurvey.


  • Price Optimization and Intelligence
    Feedvisor’s best-in-class algorithmic repricer adapts to your inventory levels and competition in real-time to drive marketplace growth....

  • Powered by artificial intelligence, Feedvisor’s best-in-class repricer has revolutionized marketplace selling. Aggregating a myriad of data points in real-time, the powerful algorithmic repricer responds to dynamic market conditions to fuel growth. For large sellers and retailers, you can achieve the ideal sales volume at the optimal price point for each specific item. For brands and private labels, you can drive higher demand and velocity for your products while optimizing inventory management and operational actions.


    Through predictive business intelligence, Feedvisor’s price optimization and intelligence platform analyzes critical pricing, performance, inventory, and competitive data to help you optimize your Amazon operation. It includes operational and revenue insights so you can effectively identify trends and seasonality, forecast appropriately, optimize top sellers, and increase revenue at both a SKU-specific and overall business level.

  • Advertising Optimization and Intelligence
    Feedvisor’s AI-driven pay-per-click campaign manager maximizes ad performance according to your business strategies and goals....

  • Feedvisor’s advertising platform gives you the ability to select the model that makes the most sense for your business — either a dedicated team of Amazon experts overseeing your advertising campaigns supported by our platform or a self-managed platform for your team to oversee. Through machine-learning technology and AI-powered algorithms, the acquisition engine automatically adjusts bids according to your goals and strategies, harvests keywords, and balances budgets to drive overall advertising effectiveness and efficiency at scale. The platform supports manual and automatic campaigns for keyword harvesting and negative keyword identification and optimization.
  • Brand Optimization and Intelligence
    Designed to drive brand discovery, engagement, and conversion, Feedvisor’s strategic, end-to-end managed services handle the creation and optimization of your brand’s presence on Amazon....

  • Our team of Amazon experts will create and optimize your listings, run promotions and deals, and produce Enhanced Brand Content, A+ Content, and display ads to drive brand discovery, engagement, and conversion. The brand optimization and intelligence platform allows you to maintain influence and control over your brand while setting the KPIs that matter most to your business. You can receive in-depth SEO analysis and keyword identification, discover insights on PPC ads and your competitive landscape, and leverage detailed accounts of vendors’ MAP violation history. We also provide end-to-end 3P storefront management, reputation management strategies, monthly performance analysis, and impact reviews to ensure a successful brand experience on Amazon.
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