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Virtual Staffing Solutions...Build Your Virtual Team Today!

We specialize in recruiting & training eCommerce, Administrative, and Specialist VAs catering to businesses around the world. Our pool of VAs are trained on the most updated tools used in an online retail business. Save time and eliminate the stress of recruiting, screening and training your virtual workers. Build your virtual team today with us! NO LUMP SUMS, NO UPFRONT FEES. We will assemble your VA team for free! Visit us at Booth #752, visit https:/20four7va.com, or simply dial 1-833-HIRE-A-VA.

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  • Why choose 20Four7VA for your recruiting and staffing needs?


    Significant cost savings over on-site employees.

    When you hire virtual staff, you won’t be spending money on office space, workstations, and other labor costs. You don’t have to worry about hiring your own admin, HR, and managerial staff either. We can handle all of this for you!

    Gain access to a large, highly skilled talent pool.

    Our VAs come from all over the world. We source from countries where English proficiency is high. This means easier communication with your VA and access to highly skilled but inexpensive staff.

    Get real-time support from our dedicated staff.

    Our team of recruitment specialists and client services experts are always ready to provide assistance whenever you need it. We also provide training and onboarding assistance to make sure that your virtual staff is 100% ready to accomplish any tasks required of them.

    Ability to scale your business.

    We provide you with operational flexibility through our different VA packages, allowing you to either share staffing resources with other clients or hire dedicated workers.

    Keep your business running 24/7.

    You don’t need to limit your business to the regular 9-to-5 hours. When you hire virtual staff, you can choose to give them whatever shift you want so that your customers get the best service at all times.

    No need to worry about employees resigning.

    Aside from our low turnover rate (less than 2%), we make sure the transition process for resignations and replacements is completely smooth and stress-free. Not only that, we also pay the replacement cost when one of your VAs resign.

    Don’t pay us anything until you hire!

    At 20Four7VA, we make sure you get what you pay for — and more! You don’t have to pay us to find you a VA; we’re happy to do the work for free. You only pay us once you have decided to hire a VA.

  • 20Four7VA would like to lend a helping hand to all IRCE conference attendees by waiving our $99 set up fee! Hire a virtual assistant to help you grow and scale your business.


    We offer an efficient and cost-effective solution to hiring virtual staff.

    -No more recruiting nightmares

    -Coverage in every timezone

    -Low turnover

    -Transition plan when workers resign

    -We cover replacement costs

    -College-educated workers

    -Strong English communication skills

    -Trainer assistance provided

    -End-of-day reporting and daily time monitoring

 Press Releases

  • 20Four7VA is launching the 20Four7VA Partner Program at the IRCE@RetailX Conference on June 25-28, 2019.


    The Partner Program aims to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between 20Four7VA and their partners which can be done by being a Referral Partner or a Co-Branding Partner.


    Referral Partners can earn commissions by promoting 20Four7VA to their audience and sharing a unique referral code that their referrals can use when signing up. This option is open to anyone looking for an opportunity to earn while helping their audience benefit from a reliable virtual assistant service. Referral Partners also have the option to pass along the savings to their referral with a promo code that allows them to avail virtual assistant services at a discounted rate.


    Meanwhile, companies who want to be a 20Four7VA Co-Branding Partner are required to submit an application for approval. Approved Co-Branding Partners will take part in a joint marketing and promotional program with 20Four7VA. Being a Co-Branding Partner allows approved companies to establish brand credibility, extend their reach, reduce advertising costs, and enhance their product or service portfolio by offering improved solutions to their audience.


    The 20Four7VA Partner Program will be of significant interest to software solution providers, eCommerce influencers, and companies who wish to offer additional solutions at discounted rates to their customers.


    20Four7VA is an established virtual staffing company with over a decade of experience in the industry. The company helps business owners save time and money by providing staffing solutions at a fraction of the cost of hiring local staff. Their virtual assistants are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to provide assistance to companies worldwide. Over the years, they have assisted 1000+ businesses across 47 industries with finding skilled virtual assistants and has established a global presence with 6000+ VAs endorsed to clients across 6 continents.


    20Four7VA takes pride in providing a full-service virtual staffing solution which includes a rigorous VA vetting and training process and a fully guided VA hiring, onboarding, and ongoing VA monitoring process. They also offer a free 14-day hassle-free trial period with no strings attached; no lump sums or upfront fees.


    20Four7VA will be at Booth 752 at IRCE@RetailX and will be ready to take on any inquiries about virtual staffing, how virtual assistants can help businesses scale, and the new Partner Program.


    For more information about the 20Four7VA Partner Program, visit https://20four7va.com/partner-program/

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