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Connecting Business to Consumers Online using B2B2C model

With eComchain, a business can setup specialized eCommerce sites for dealers or distributors who in turn can setup branded sites on the same eComchain platform using 100s of unique striking templates designed for various verticals of the industry. Results show this unique B2B2C platform has increased sales channels, by being able to analyze the online revenue from each dealer and end consumer at the B2B and B2C levels. 

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Because every business needs a well-thought out ecommerce solution that connects various levels of the supply chain, providing for much needed transparency. With over 15 years of ecommerce implementation experience for 100+ Fortune 1000 customers around the world, eComchain gives you all the functionalities and features to succeed in a competing world.


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  • (Mar 27, 2019)
    See how eComchain handles the B2B2C model. With Multi-level multi-tenancy features, allow organizations, distributors and resellers to create sites for their end consumers. This results in a streamlined business process with every organization being able to track the total goods sold with a visibility to the revenue at various levels in the supply chain.

 Press Releases

  • eComchain announces the appointment of two new members to the Board of Directors.

    Joining the Board of Directors are Merrimac Dillion and Venkatesan Kalanithi.

    “All three of the newest Board members embody the sprit of community and bring talent, expertise and energy to the Board. We are very fortunate to have them representing our shareholders and providing insightful guidance as we continue to rapidly grow,” said Alex Hutton, Corporate Secretary.

    Merrimac Dillion is the inventor and President of The Pillow Bar, providing high-end luxury sleeping pillows and bedding for over 380 retail store partners, 12 Pillow Bar kiosks locations and a variety of catalog and hospitality customers. Her success has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal as “10 Most Innovative Businesses” and as “Best Products” in the Dallas Business Journal. Merrimac was also named as a “2016 Women in Business” award winner by the Dallas Business Journal.

    Prior to The Pillow Bar, Merrimac’s career included: authoring two books, co-founder of The Curtain Exchange franchise, Director of Public Relations for The Dallas Apparel Mart, Vice President of GO Magazine, Public Relations and Marketing Director for Doral Hotel, and starting a consulting firm in Germany to assist U.S. based firms with their European marketing and special events.

    Merrimac received her EMBA from Tulane University and received a BA from the University of Kentucky.

    Venkatesan Kalanithi is a Digital Transformation Strategy Consultant at ASKTech Inc. Venkatesan brings unique and valuable technical and business insights with over 28 years of heading industry verticals and multiple technology-based practices. He has an indelible record for managing end-to-end P&L for independent business units, starting businesses from the ground up, sales and business development, IT strategy, and delivering operational excellence. Venkatesan’s career also includes: being an Advisory Board Member to Southern Methodist University’s SMU Digital Accelerator (Big Data - Digital Accelerator - leading through big data and intelligence, technology ecosystem, and data analytics), Managing Partner at PCB Apps, Founding Partner and President at CAPSCIENT Corporation, and an independent ERP Technology and Business Architect. Venkatesan studied Entrepreneurship at Babson College, received a Post Graduate Diploma from Bharathidasan University in Computer Science and Applications, and received a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Madras.

    eComchain is an international company that delivers a unique synergistic combination of B2B and B2C e-commerce stores with a cutting edge “must have” feature rich and scalable e-commerce store for organizations with multi-tiered and/or branded distribution that want to increase sales revenues and reduce costs. eComchain’s exclusive flexible B2B2C e-commerce model expands an organization’s sales reach with unique customer data to develop and qualify sales leads. eComchain provides tools like: email campaigns, loyalty programs, wish lists, and promotional programs to turn prospects into customers and expand existing customer sales. eComchain also provides the latest features customers demand to enhance their e-commerce experience and increase the likelihood of placing an order. Our typical customer usually increases sales by 100% while saving up to 50% of their operational costs in less than a year. Customers typically realize a rapid ROI within months.

    For more information about eComchain Inc. call 800-409-9169 or visit

  • Organizations Gain Broader Detection and Response for Less Effort and Lower Cost, with No SIEM Required

    San Francisco – March 5, 2019 – Alert Logic, the SIEMless Threat Management™ company, announced at the RSA Conference that it has added a new extended endpoint protection capability along with other new capabilities for anti-virus integration, log collection and search for Office 365, Microsoft Azure Event Hubs integration, user behavior anomaly detection for Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments, and dark web scanning. This expanded attack surface coverage enriches Alert Logic’s offering with even greater detection and protection support along with enhanced visibility across environments and workloads, thereby addressing more of the needs of resource-constrained security buyers without requiring a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool.

    “Alert Logic is rapidly innovating to detect security events across more of the attack surface to protect workloads on any environment—in the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid,” said Onkar Birk, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy & Engineering. “Because our offering seamlessly connects security platform, threat intelligence and expert defenders, our customers get better security coverage that maps to their risks and ensures optimal coverage even with constrained budgets.”

    Extended Endpoint Protection

    According to Forrester , “It's often more difficult for firms to find and hire people with the right skills to manage endpoint security tools than it is to procure a managed service provider to accomplish the same task.”

    The new extended endpoint protection capability leverages machine-learning and behavioral analytics to monitor and isolate Windows and Mac client endpoint attacks at the earliest opportunity, including so-called ‘zero day’ threats. It helps thwart multiple attack techniques that try to compromise endpoints, gain access to resources, and detonate payloads, and provides deep visibility in real-time across endpoints, including low-level system activity, without impacting performance. Customers can use Alert Logic alongside of existing anti-virus detection and endpoint security tools to provide an additional layer of defense. Extended endpoint protection is available in beta for select customers and partners today and will be generally available in Alert Logic Essentials in calendar Q2.

    "As employees become more mobile, organizations struggle to manage and deliver endpoint protection that is dynamic and cost effective without causing disruption,” said Jack Danahy, Senior Vice President, Security, Alert Logic. “With these new capabilities, we ease the security and management burden for our customers."

    In addition to extended endpoint protection, Alert Logic is introducing additional capabilities to broaden its attack surface coverage, including the following:

    • Anti-virus Integration: Enables ingestion and analysis of anti-virus data to provide key insights for alerting and Security Operations Center (SOC) support, such as detection of known hacking tools and writing to privileged locations. Available today in Alert Logic Professional.
    • Office 365 and Expanded Azure Integration: Provides Office 365 log collection and search for Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, and more and Azure Event Hubs integration for Azure Active Directory, Azure Diagnostics, Azure Activity Log, Azure Security Center, Azure SQL Audit logs and more, further extending how Alert Logic supports organizations across any environment. Available today in Alert Logic Professional.
    • AWS User Behavior Anomaly Detection: Leverages AWS CloudTrail to detect and alert on suspicious user activity in AWS environments. Uses machine learning to help determine a baseline of user behavior and identify changes in the way users access systems including locations and times of access. Available today in Alert Logic Professional.
    • Dark Web Scanning: Enables Alert Logic SOC analysts to scan customer account domains to identify and send alerts when compromised credentials are found on the dark web. Helps reveal potential risks of attack due to hacked email accounts, spear phishing and other targeted social engineering efforts. Available today with the Assigned SOC Analyst option for Alert Logic Enterprise.

    We rely on Alert Logic for cybersecurity and are excited by these new capabilities that will provide greater coverage of our attack surface,” said Rob Hayes, Business Development Director, eComchain. “Threats happen around the clock. Staffing a 24/7 SOC and implementing and maintaining a SIEM is a time-consuming and expensive approach that we did not want to follow. Alert Logic’s SIEMless offering is a better approach that helps us understand where we have risk, monitors and alerts us when there are threats, and provides us with the right level of security at a cost that makes sense for our business.”

    “Alert Logic continues to innovate in ways that help our clients secure existing environments while protecting new ones as their businesses evolve,” said Paul Kunze, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, IntraSystems. “We are eager to provide clients with these new capabilities around endpoint, dark web, and multi-cloud support all delivered via the Alert Logic SIEMless model of security platform, intelligence and experts.”

    These new capabilities are offered at no additional cost to customers of Alert Logic Essentials, Professional, and Enterprise, respectively.

  • Manufacturers and wholesale distributors are experiencing growth in online revenues between 10% and 20% simply by implementing scalable B2B2C eCommerce sites. Let's take a quick look at the factors to be considered when building an eCommerce platform, unique to manufacturer’s and distributor’s markets, including a look at how a B2B2C model could grow the distribution system and accelerate sales.

    In-depth product information

    Building and managing a catalog of products, with in-depth information on products, is key to the success of an eCommerce storefront. Many times a manufacturer’s product data is sufficient for inventory management, however it may not be enough from a marketing standpoint. Along with SKU code & short descriptions, online catalogs should also display long descriptions with some technical specs (if available) and relevant videos of products in order to convert storefront visitors into buyers. Detailed product information and sharp product images are imperative in any online buying decision.

    Stay Focused

    As a manufacturer or distributor, and being in the B2B wholesale industry, you have unique relationships with each of your customers. Pricing, promotions, payment terms, shipping rates and methods, etc. are all different from customer to customer. In some cases there are special products that are only offered to a certain group of customers. Your storefront should be able to handle complex sales opportunities as well as be customer focused so that your B2B business experiences the same success as any face-to-face brick and mortar business or direct phone sales.   

    Evolving thru Innovations

    With ever-changing technology, products, customer demands, and competition it’s important that your business stays abreast of the changes around you. To ensure you are able to overcome any technology impediments, one must constantly be evaluating technologies and be evolving innovatively to remain in a competitive market to achieve continued business growth.

    Up-to-date information

    An effective storefront should display inventory levels with real-time pricing, in-depth product information and technical specs that also map to your current ERP system data. An ERP system’s data structure can be very complex so it is important to pick an ecommerce platform that integrates with your ERP system, especially if you would like to display ERP-related real-time data.

    Accessibility & Portability

    In the B2B eCommerce world customers have the ability to shop at all times of the day and from many types of devices. With a responsive design, simple navigation with faceted search, type ahead or auto-suggest search features, and by providing 24/7 accessibility, your eCommerce site will no doubt be successful.

    There are only a couple Cloud-based eCommerce platforms that has a pre-configured B2B2C model or features with integrations to complex ERP applications in the backend. eComchain is one such B2B2C cloud-based eCommerce platform that has been developed with end to end integration to Enterprise-level ERP applications. eComchain has been instrumental in the growth of online revenues anywhere between 20 and 30% annually, for manufacturers & distributors around the globe. With built-in Artificial Intelligence. eComchain is the only eCommerce platform that adapts to the unique market demand, with a built-in scalable distribution system that supports and accelerates sales. 

    As a distributor of tactical gears for the US Department of Defense put it: “eComchain was able to cater to our unique needs by building a site that integrated with our current equipment, procurement, logistics, and supply chain solutions.” Refer to the Press Release

  • FRISCO, TexasSept. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Retailers around the globe have been in a mode of constant innovation, but are challenged by many other electronic commerce competitors who have shown excellent results using various online solutions. Many of these online stores have been using Artificial intelligence (AI) to gauge the shoppers' demand, interests to enhance the shopping experience and make them a repeat shopper. However there are very few eCommerce tools or platforms to launch AI features for an online store(s).

    So what does it takes to make your Online Store intelligent? Using eComchain, retailers can now use powerful and practical ways, assisting interactions with the end consumer, resulting in increased online revenue and profit.

    eComchain uses Customer-centric search, enabling the search engine to think the way humans do, in addition to retargeting potential customers by identifying prospects. With the help of Omni-channel personalization and personalized chatbots, the online retailer can now easily increase the conversion rate of an online shopper.

    "Every merchant using eComchain can avail of these cool AI features within their next fiscal quarter to increase their sales revenue. AI is already present in every device that we use on a daily basis, including Netflix or LG refrigerators. AI in eCommerce is maturing, and will quickly dominate many areas of online shopping," says Rob Hayes, Business Development Director of eComchain, who spent 30+ years in the retail industry having worked for Marshall Fields, Lands' End and JC Penney before joining eComchain early this year.

    About eComchain

    eComchain is a global organization bringing in over 16+ years of e-Commerce and ERP implementation experience. As a spinoff from the Frisco, Texas based technology leader, iBizSoft Inc., it aims to deliver innovative e-Commerce and ERP cloud solutions to customers around the globe. Its rapidly expanding team has experience in implementing over 200 e-Commerce sites and ERP applications for Fortune 1000 companies, worldwide. You can learn more about their team and their solutions for many verticals at

    For more information, please click on these demos:

    SOURCE eComchain

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    Be amazed by astonishing site performance! Using MEAN stack technology, an efficient platform, there is no complex code or logic that delays the rendering of a page on the site...

  • Be amazed by astonishing site performance! Using MEAN stack technology, an efficient platform, there is no complex code or logic that delays the rendering of a page on the site
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    On an Amazon hosted server, using the latest in technology and a 99.9% uptime guarantee, the store would be generating 24x7, 365 day. We will meet your expectations of uptime, or waive a month's hosting fee for you....

  • On an Amazon hosted server, using the latest in technology and a 99.9% uptime guarantee, the store would be generating 24x7, 365 day. We will meet your expectations of uptime, or waive a month's hosting fee for you.
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    Partnering with security experts, our team constantly monitors the servers and sites to ensure no data is compromised on the highly secure Amazon hosted service....

  • Partnering with security experts, our team constantly monitors the servers and sites to ensure no data is compromised on the highly secure Amazon hosted service.
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