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E-commerce integration nightmares, solved.

Meet FlowLink; the most versatile E-commerce integration platform around. Starting at just $100/month, you can now connect ANY store to ANY tool!

Now you can connect your store to QuickBooks Online/ Desktop, Shopify, NetSuite, Salesforce, or any other back office tool covering accounting, CRM, shipping, inventory, Etc. Do you have a back office tool that you rely on heavily but that doesn't talk to your store? Do you waste time with redundant data entries? Why?  Now it can be done automatically!

In addition to enabling a wide variety of integrations, FlowLink allows information sharing across all platforms, with no more repetitive data entry.

With FlowLink's hybrid business model you can have the best of both worlds: 

  • Out-of-the-box Power. A versatile, fully supported integration platform with a user interface designed specifically for business professionals
  • Infinite Customization. An experienced team of e-commerce veterans ready to customize any existing FlowLink integrations to bend to your will, or spin up entirely new integrations in record time (and for WAY less $ than building a custom integration)

The future of E-commerce integration is here!


Meet FlowLink!

 Press Releases

  • Welcome to FlowLink's exciting new partner program! We now have 3 partner levels, each with a list of your needs and our requirements, along with some enticing mutual benefits.

    Agency Partners: FlowLink is on the hunt for creative marketing and Web development firms - primarily those with the ability to do "out-of-the-box" integrations. Free training and referrals provided.

    Channel Partners: FlowLink is seeking consultancies, accounting firms, and QuickBooks Pro Advisors in a revenue-sharing program that builds on their current skills. FlowLink offers web-based integration training to those who meet the program’s criteria.

    Strategic Partners:  As a FlowLink strategic partner, your nationally recognized product will have (or get) a FlowLink integration and will become a part of the FlowLink integration ecosystem.

  • FlowLink now provides seamless connectivity between BigCommerce and Oracle Bronto, a leading email marketing solution provider. You may have missed the chance to be one of the lucky few who signed up for free on-boarding, but don't let that stop you from jumping on this opportunity.  If you own a BigCommerce store and want to connect to Bronto’s email marketing solution, then you need to talk with us!

    In addition to enabling seamless connectivity to Bronto, BigCommerce store owners also have access to FlowLink’s ever expanding web of integrations to almost any back office eCommerce tool that you can imagine, all for one low monthly rate and no contract!

    Stop by by Booth 1750 at the Internet Retailers Conference and Exposition  and we will show you how to revolutionize your back office for pennies on the dollar. Call us at (412) 407-2722 or contact us online now to arrange an in-person meeting with FlowLink’s senior architect, who will be in attendance at IRCE.

    For those not attending IRCE, contact us for an online demo.  We'd be happy to discuss your situation and offer solutions to make your life easier!

  • (May 31, 2019)

    Our clients love us!  And why shouldn't they?  After all; we've provided them with peace of mind, copious free time, and a tool that will provide the opportunity to be more efficient and productive.  What's not to love?!?!?!

    "We partnered with FlowLink for our ecommerce integration requirements in 2018, and Flowlink has delivered!  Not only was the implementation process quick and seamless, we are beyond impressed with the level and quality of continued support.  It has been so refreshing to work with patient and competent professionals, well after close of the initial engagement, who can distill vast and technical amounts of knowledge into digestible bites. We know that when we reach out to our contact at NuRelm, we will hear back immediately, and have a solution, not an excuse." 

    - Kelly, from ProFresh

    "Flowlink solved a huge problem we were facing with integration from our website to our ESP. Our team vetted several different ESP's before we chose the one that would benefit our marketing efforts the best, but then we were facing a completely new issue with integrating the software with our website. After some research, we found Flowlink and scheduled a meeting with their team. They showed us all of the features of Flowlink and how seamlessly the data would flow between our ESP and our website. They took what could have been a very manual and expensive process of updating and maintaining data in our ESP and made it a simple automated process that we don't even think twice about. We've now been a Flowlink customer for over a year and we're extremely happy with our decision to partner with them."

    -Jess, from Filters USA

  • For those of you who may be less than satisfied with how your current logistics provider shares information with Shopify, I’d like to introduce you to one of FlowLink’s most popular integrations; the “Shopify to Quiet Logistics” connector.

    The Shopify to Quiet Logistics integration allows you to send RMAs, item profiles, purchase orders, and shipment orders from your store to Quiet Logistics. You can pull the following back into your store from Quiet Logistics: shipping confirmations, PO receipts, RMA receipts, inventory levels, and error messages.

    FlowLink’s versatile and highly customizable integration platform also makes it easy to customize your Shopify/Quiet Logistics connector to meet your store’s individual needs. Contact us if you’d like to find out more about how this cool little connector can save you countless hours re-entering data.

    Quiet Logistics is rapidly gaining popularity due to its easy information sharing capabilities not only with Shopify, but with other back office powerhouses, such as QuickBooks (online AND Desktop), Magento and NetSuite.


  • FlowLink
    FlowLink lets your clients easily set up sophisticated connections between your store or service and the other accounting, shipping, marketing, and CRM tools they use most....

  • Are your clients asking you to fit your service into a tight workflow? Maybe they want to grab orders from their store, send them to a logistics provider and ERP, also send a text message for recent shipments, then update order status in the store. Automatically. Now FlowLink lets you say YES to clients with complex workflows, letting them easily integrate your service into a long list of existing integrations, including NetSuite, QuickBooks (online and desktop), Magento, Shopify, MailChimp, Salesforce, Bronto, BigCommerce and many, many more. Let’s add you to the list of tools that will work in harmony with your clients.
  • Integrations For All Your Needs!
    Connect all your back office tools so you can push or pull data in whatever direction and frequency that you desire. Have a tool that you don't see here? Just ask us about it!...

  • Let us show you how to make your life simpler and your company more productive, all while being a HERO to your boss or client.  Seriously.  We're not kidding.
  • NuRelm - Looking for a mobile app or new website?
    www.NuRelm.com<br /><br />At NuRelm, we have 20 years of experience listening to your needs and creating sophisticated mobile apps and websites, among other things. Come see us at the FlowLink booth....

  • Web & Mobile Application Development

    NuRelm has spent the last two decades working side by side with our clients to deliver value on the web and through mobile devices.


    Pittsburgh Film Office

    Our relationship with the Pittsburgh Film Office goes back over ten years and includes three website redesigns and three sets of staff turnover with each groups unique vision. The latest website was developed to be responsive and includes a unique “Screening Room” area that is developed to be an aggregated feed of multiple types of content such as blog posts, movies filmed in Pittsburgh, products to purchase, events, and user submitted content.





    American Association of Cancer Institutes

    NuRelm recently completed the development of AACI’s full-featured membership management portal in Drupal. The platform allows administrators to manage membership lists, educational credentials, member events participation/ticketing and more. Members can access document repositories, member directories including disease state specializations, and a variety of educational resources.


    https://portal.aaci-cancer.org (closed portal)


    International Safety Equipment Association

    Stretching the WordPress CMS platform to its limits, NuRelm created a highly-customized site for ISEA visitors and administrators that is capable of performing membership management, integrating CRM and mailing list management functionality, and accommodating eCommerce transactions like event ticketing, member dues, and donations. The site is built on a custom-designed and implemented theme.



    Watson Institute

    Watson and NuRelm have enjoyed a 10+ year relationship, during which time we’ve partnered on multiple successful web estate redesigns and launches. In addition to supporting Watson’s hosting, SEO development, and mobility optimization initiatives across multiple sites, NuRelm custom-designed a teacher’s management portal that enables the dynamic creation of classroom websites, all on WordPress.



    Airport Corridor Transportation Association (ACTA)

    NuRelm and ACTA have been partners for over a decade. Built on a custom WordPress theme, the ACTA website leverages a series of real-time mapping APIs and physical devices to show visitors the exact location of buses in and around Pittsburgh’s airport corridor. NuRelm also hosts ACTA’s app infrastructure for their iOS and Android companion apps.



    Association of Theological Schools

    NuRelm has worked with ATS for many years, and currently enjoys a collaborative retainer relationship where we maintain the existing Drupal 7 website, plan new development work, and are planning the next website revision together.





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