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Best Amazon repricing, feedback & review, research software.

BQool Inc. is a SaaS company founded on the idea that Amazon sellers should have access to a suite of groundbreaking, results-driven software designed to help them automate online business. This means developing an innovative approach to everyday e-commerce challenges,  whether that be dynamic repricing, competitor research, feedback and reviews management or discovering the most profitable products to sell. BQool suite consists of Repricing, Feedback, Review Central and a product research tool, BigTracker. 

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 Press Releases

  • BQool is excited to present you three featured in Amaozn Marketplace Appstore service, Repcring Central, Feedback Central, and product research & scouting tool BigTracker. More than that, we are thrilled to bring you the new product launch in the show. 

    • Repricing Central, featured in the category of Automated Pricing of Marketplace Appstore.

    BQool Repricing Central is an Automated Amazon Repricer. This solution helps users to win the coveted Amazon Buy Box while ensuring their price accuracy and profit margins.

    Users can optimize their repricing speed to every 5-15 minutes. Repricing Central also includes a Profit Calculator to get close estimations of profit margins and product ROI. Furthermore, this feature considers all your Amazon fees and costs.

    Repricing Central offers users a high level of customization: users can decide who they want to compete with. The software provides them with the ability to develop unique repricing strategies based on their competitor’s fulfillment method, feedback ratings, item status, item condition and much more.

    BQool Repricing Central has the following features

    • InventoryLab Synchronization
    • 5-min Accelerated Repricing
    • Customizable Repricing Settings
    • Scheduled Repricing
    • Embedded Price & Profit Calculator
    • Insightful Listing Data

    If you are an Amazon seller who is looking to

    • win the Buy Box and remain competitive 24/7
    • uncover the competitors with listings against them
    • become more profitable while increasing orders and sales

    You should definitely give BQool Repricing Central a try. We currently offer 14-day free trial for Repricing Central. We have our pricing information on our site Our pricing is based on the listing number available to reprice. Up to 1,000 listings for $25 plan.

    Win The Buy Box More Often With BQool Repricing Central!

    Available in Amazon US, CA, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, MX

    • Feedback Central, featured in the category of Feedback and Reviews of Marketplace Appstore.

    BQool Feedback Central is a tool that enables the user to send seller feedback request emails to their Amazon customers.

    Additionally, it will send out alerts when the user receives negative feedback. Feedback Central has a high level of customization: users can choose one of BQool's default templates, and they can add variables such as product pictures, product details and company logos. Users can filter orders by date, order status and the buyer's previous feedback.

    BQool Feedback Central has the following features

    • Automated Feedback Request
    • Feedback Alert Notification
    • Feedback Performance Dashboard
    • Customizable Email Templates
    • VAT Invoice Generator
    • Flexible Delivery Schedule
    • AI-Powered Subject and Schedule

    If you are an Amazon seller who

    • uses Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)
    • uses Seller-Fulfilled Prime
    • uses the Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN)
    • has private-label products
    • is Brand owner

    You need to try our Amazon automate feedback tool to experience the quickest way to get Amazon reviews and feedback. We currently offer 30-day free trial for Feedback Central. We have our pricing information on our site Our pricing is based on the number of emails to send. Up to 500 mails for $10 plan.

    Boost Feedback & Reviews With BQool Feedback Central.

    Available in Amazon US, CA, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, MX

    • BigTracker, featured in the category of Product Research and Scouting of Marketplace Appstore.

    Compared to traditional methods of product research, which often includes arduous tasks such as copying and pasting information from Amazon into a spreadsheet, BigTracker alleviates this time-consuming task.

    Users can view comprehensive Amazon product data within seconds. BigTracker aggregates all of users’ required information on to one single page while searching on Amazon. It shows comprehensive data including the average sales, average prices, and the average rank of the listings that the user has searched, in a systematic and flexible manner.

    Furthermore, BigTracker automatically displays information such as the Buy Box price, Sales Rank, Estimated Sales, Estimated Revenue and Amazon Fees.

    BigTracker allows users to click to view the Historical Price and Rank Data. If the user spots trending products that they’re interested in, they can add these products to the product tracker to start tracking.

    BigTracker can also be used as a powerful competitor research tool.

    BigTracker has the following features

    • Profit Calculator
    • Product Scouting and Product Research
    • Sales Performance Indicator
    • Chrome Extension
    • Niche Product Recommendations
    • Listing Hijacker/Piggybackers Email Alerts

    If you are a new Amazon seller, an arbitrageur or a private label seller, BigTracker is the Product Research and Scouting tool that you need. The pricing is based on the number of products and brands tracked. User can track up to 60 products and 2 brands for $50 plan. We have our pricing information on our site:

    All pricing plans apply for Amazon US, DE, ES, FR, IT, UK and JP marketplace.


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